Sales Intelligence

Primary Point’s management team has extensive experience with sales scripting, techniques, processes, and strategies.  These attributes can be deployed in a project designed to improve your sales effectiveness, client retention, and win-back.

One of the core attributes of any Primary Point program is the richness of data that flows from peer-to-peer interviewing on complex issues with key decision-makers and purchase influencers. Primary Point has consistently provided our client’s management team with important details regarding buyer behavior, attitudes, and opinions.

Primary Point has experience providing critical sales related data to allow our customers to enhance their sales processes and win-rates. This includes win-loss analysis, competitive intelligence, service design, and new product development.

Primary Point projects can provide critical information on key decision-makers, purchase influencers, hot button issues, systems in place, business pain, gaps in capabilities, the decision-making process, and other key success factors.

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Primary Point (PPI) is a full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider that will help you select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match your research needs and budget.