Telephone Survey

Primary Point specializes in B2B telephone-based market research where the use of call center personnel is inappropriate due to one or more of the following challenges:

  • Senior level contacts
  • Contacts who are difficult to identify
  • Contacts who are difficult to engage
  • The project involves complex business and\ or information technology issues.

The ability to establish peer-to-peer dialogue on complex business and IT issues with C-Suite and other senior personnel at Global 2000 firms is the key capability that enables Primary Point to attain desirable outcomes for our clients.

This is not a simple process. Instead, it is the product of detailed methodologies and techniques developed by Primary Point management over many years of experience and actualized via the rigorous training of PPI staff along with ad hoc strategy formulation designed to meet the unique needs of each client initiative.

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Primary Point (PPI) is a full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider that will help you select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match your research needs and budget.