The current decline in consumer spending along with an historic reluctance to share competitive data make this industry particularly challenging when it comes to successfully completing market research studies. Primary Point's ability to identify suitable points of contact and convey confidence in the research proposition has allowed us to successfully execute many projects, including:

  • Interviews with 120 COO\ EVP\ SVP\ VP\ Director at top retail organizations located in the US, UK, and Canada knowledgeable about their retail organization's sales channel strategy, planning, and technologies. Tracking study.
  • Interviews into strategies used by digital marketing executives to stay up to-date on digital marketing innovation, trends, technologies, and opportunities. Sixty interviews completed with CMO or Head of Digital Marketing.
  • Interviews with 75 senior level respondents in finance, IT security, and IT networking roles at retail organizations with revenues in excess of $250M+ regarding their organization's payment card security policies and procedures and their compliance with PCI standards.
  • Research into omni-channel merchandising strategies and systems at major retailers across multiple countries. Emphasis on pricing and merchandizing optimization systems. Specific data points including: Cross-channel pricing strategies & capabilities, In-store dynamic price matching, Intra-day pricing capabilities, Pricing life cycle strategies, Price determination methodologies, Pricing optimization systems, Organizational frameworks for price management, Capability gaps, Third-party services, Decision-making influences.

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Primary Point (PPI) is a full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider that will help you select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match your research needs and budget.