Healthcare and Medical

In a highly-regulated environment such as the Healthcare and Pharma industries market research can be a challenge. However, with the appropriate methodology and correct approach, Primary Point has completed many projects that could be considered impossible for other market research firms. Some of our most recent projects in this industry are:

  • Interviews with C-suite respondents at physician Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and parent organizations into emerging healthcare models, quality strategy initiatives, organizational best practices, and future trends within healthcare organizations.  Considerable focus on EMR and HIT systems.  Completed 110 interviews 30 minutes in length.
  • Interviews with US healthcare payer organizations (healthcare insurance providers) into IT responsiveness and transformation strategies.  Research focus on resource allocation trends, priorities, and future planning that organizations are using to adapt to the changing IT and business landscape.  Points of contact were CIO or Head of IT Finance.
  • Interviewing key decision-makers regarding healthcare industry supply chain management strategies and trends. Specific data points included supply chain operations, processes, strategy, planning, industry trends, logistical models capabilities, and so on. Interviews 20 minutes in length
  • Interviewing key decision-makers at corporate, police, fire organizations across the US regarding medical device (AED) usage, purchasing, pricing, vendor positioning, and future planning. One hundred interviews, 30 minutes in length.
  • Interviewing hospital Pharmacy Directors at 300+ bed US hospitals on process, pricing, supplier, and systems issues. Fifty interviews 60 minutes in length were recorded and transcribed.
  • Interviewing hospital Biomedical and Clinical Informatics Directors on Patient Monitoring Systems issues, current systems in place, costs associated with current expenditures, preferences and future planning. Interviews were 40 minutes in length.
  • Interviewing CIOs and Head of IT Finance at healthcare payers on IT spending priorities, future planning, capital and operating budgets, and staffing. Interviews were 25 minutes in length.
  • Interviewing key decision-makers (CEO, COO, CFO, Head of Claims, Quality, Compliance, or Analytics) at healthcare payers regarding payment integrity strategies and trends to include fraud, waste & abuse detection, clinical cost containment, provider reimbursement integrity, and so on. Interviews 25 minutes in length.
  • Interviewing hospital Directors of Radiology, Cardiology, and PACS systems on past and future purchase behavior, costs associated with current expenditures, opinions, preferences, organizational strategies, and other systems issues. Interviews were 20 minutes in length

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