About us

Primary Point combines proprietary data collection techniques and methodologies combined with in-depth industry expertise to meet the most demanding business-critical research needs.

Primary Point excels by focusing on research initiatives involving complex business or information technology issues and establishing dialogue with mid and senior level decision-makers who are difficult to identify and difficult to engage.

Executive Team

Spencer E. McNeil, General Manager

describe the imageMr. McNeil has managed market research and sales intelligence projects since 1999 and has served as President and General Manager of Primary Point since the company’s formation in 2002. Mr. McNeil’s vocational history includes 25 years of operations consulting and management experience within the Fortune 500, extensive sales and marketing experience, and insurance fraud investigation. Mr. McNeil holds an MBA from the Olin School of Management at Babson College and degrees in Economics and Political Science from McGill University. Professional accreditations include an FLMI from LOMA and an HIA designation from AHIP.


Jose M. Lopez, Research Director

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Jose has extensive experience as both a supplier and consumer of market research services.  This includes his role as head of corporate intelligence at Mexican Telco Axtel, the largest WiMax operator, from 1998-2008 along with managerial positions at wireless operator Iusacell (formerly a Verizon subsidiary) and Avantel (formerly an MCI-Worldcom subsidiary).  Before joining Primary Point, Jose served as Research Manager for the Americas at Pyramid Research providing consulting and advisory services. Jose Mario holds an MBA from Universidad Iberoamericana, where he graduated with Honors in 1998.  He is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English, Portuguese and has basic Italian and French knowledge.



Primary Point was established in 2002 with a view towards creating a higher level client deliverable than was otherwise available in the marketplace. The approach took three years to fully develop and represents a complete reworking of the telephone-based outreach process in terms of program methodology, execution techniques, program design, staff hiring and training, and pricing. Our achievements show that our offering is unique. 

Primary Point continues to evolve our service offering and capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clientele and the marketplace as well as leveraging improvements in market research technologies.

Primary Point, Inc. was incorporated in Massachusetts in 2002. Primary Point’s competency relies on methodologies and techniques developed over many years combined with sophisticated and structured marketing communications skills enabling effective scripting and questionnaire design. Primary Point is a member of the Insights Association and relies on the Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics for Marketing Research and Data Analytics.

Primary Point specializes in executing telephone-based market research and sales intelligence projects. Our clients fall into several categories: Global 2000; enterprise software vendors; IT device and service vendors; professional services organizations; and top tier research firms. Our core competency is a proven ability to identify and establish dialogue with senior business executives (C-Suite, EVP, SVP, VP) and mid-level directors and managers, both line-of-business and IT, on complex business and technical issues.

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Primary Point (PPI) is a full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider that will help you select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match your research needs and budget.