Customer Satisfaction

What our client wanted:

  • To obtain, assess and analyze Customer input at the C-Suite and executive level
  • Improve on previous years vendor(s) performance
  • 20 minute interviews extended where the respondent was motivated to provide additional detail
  • 22 quantitative data points and 4 qualitative open-ended questions
  • Multiple contacts at specific customers
  • Individual report for each interview
  • Quarterly PowerPoint reports and Final Year-End Report (44 pages)

What Primary Point was able to accomplish:

  • 99% of the interviews were recorded in order to capture the full breadth and depth of narrative detail
  • Extensive probing by interviewers
  • Dramatically improved client reporting to improve executive audience comprehension and utility
  • 110 interviews in year one, 93 in year two, 104 in year three
  • 64% average annual participation rate versus prior vendor(s) high of 40%
  • Project currently in its fourth year

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