Consulting Firms

Primary Point has provided Advisory and Consulting firms access to decision makers within their client and prospect organizations. Projects include:

  • Interviews into strategies used by digital marketing executives to stay up to-date on digital marketing innovation, trends, technologies, and opportunities. Targeted industries included Communications & Media, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail
  • Interviews with 80 high-level executive contacts at selected Fortune 500 companies on their need for IT Security services and related concerns and planning. Interviews were segmented across various industry verticals.
  • Interviews with 100 major telecommunications and professional services companies regarding consulting solutions and services along with current methodologies and customer service strategies.
  • Interviews with 60 high-level executive contacts at companies considered to be prospective end-users of environmental and sustainability reporting services. Opinions on various service offering configurations along with emerging trends in environmental reporting and sustainability markets were collected.
  • Interviews with mid and senior executive level contacts responsible for the economic costs and benefits associated with their organization's mobile app strategy, design and delivery. Line-of-Business (LOB) or Information Technology (IT) contacts. Authority and responsibility including direct oversight for mobile budget and strategy.
  • Interviews with mid and senior executive level contacts (EVP\ SVP\ VP\ Director level) at organizations across an array of industries and regions who are focused on issues pertaining big data technologies and their use within marketing departments.
  • Interviews with senior executive level contacts at publishers of online content to include magazines, broadcast companies, news entities on the benefits of transparency in programmatic advertising environments.
  • Interviews with mid and senior executive level contacts (CIO\ EVP\ SVP\ VP\ Director level) who are responsible for, or knowledgeable about, their organization's use of chat for purposes of customer support\ service, tech support, or sales.
  • Interviews with senior level marketing executives who make decisions about digital marketing budgets and strategies and who are responsible for their organization's use of interactive marketing channels and technologies to drive sales and deepen customer relationships. Issues to include: SEO, Organic Search, Local Optimization, and Listing Management.
  • Interviews with mid and senior executive level contacts who are responsible for the implementation and execution of large-scale information technology projects within their organization. Director/Manager of Application Development; Director/Manager of Tech Strategy.
  • Interviews with senior executive level IT contacts (CIO\ EVP\ SVP\ VP\ Director level) at organizations located in the United States with greater than 1,000 employees who are focused on issues pertaining to data architecture, data management, infrastructure, and planning.
  • Interviews with mid and senior executive level contacts who are responsible for the impact of latency on customer service operations.
  • Interviews with Vice President, Director, or Manager level contacts at companies in excess of 1, 000 employees on the subject of IT Operations Management (ITOM) across one of three operational segments including: improved operations to service desk alignment, change management with impact analysis, application rationalization and consolidation.
  • Research into major US property developers to better understand structural material and technology preferences. Interviews at the EVP, SVP, VP level.
  • Research into container preferences within the beverage manufacturing industry focusing on the pros and cons associated with specific beverage container packaging materials. A broad range of beverage categories were profiled. Qualitative interviews with senior marketing, procurement, and supply chain executives were completed.

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